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Thursday, December 15, 2011

What Happens When Mom Is Sick and Can't Cook??

Arev and Sarah Soultanian, 1940

One of the crummiest things about having food allergies (or if you're following a "real-food" diet) is you can't rely on pre-packaged food during difficult times... or often ANY food not made in your own home.  Thousands of moms have bravely taken on the challenge of making every meal from scratch... but what happens when mom is sick and can't cook?

At our house, we tend to fall back on breakfast foods.  The boys can make themselves rice cakes with SunButter and honey, or oatmeal with fruit, or even GF frozen waffles, if we're lucky enough to have a box in the freezer.  If dad is home, he makes a mean veggie pasta, but dad travels a lot, so sometimes he's not around at dinnertime.  (I can usually scrape up something for lunch, but dinner is another story.)

We can't order out for pizza (gluten and dairy), or chinese (gluten and soy), or italian (gluten).  The local supermarket's prepared meals don't have ingredients listed on them, and their staff generally is not familiar with the recipes, so we can't really take a chance on those, plus if I'm not well enough to cook, I'm generally not well enough to drive to the store!  We've found a few frozen meals at Whole Foods that work for some of our allergies, but not all of us.  So, God forbid I'm sick for more than a day... we really don't have a lot of options.

What do you do at your house?  Do you have a go-to meal that you can whip up even when under the influence of flu-like symptoms and heavy meds?  Does your husband ride to the rescue?  Can your kids pull together a basic dinner?  What store-bought items have you been able to use?

Please leave a comment and share with us what you do when you're sick and can't cook.  Something tells me we can all use some help and inspiration!

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  1. Good question! I usually resort to gluten-free chicken nuggets or gluten-free/dairy-free pizza.

  2. I hear you loud and clear on this one!
    When I'm sick (and this can be often with my health issues) I give Scott a list for the Coop and off he goes. Usually gluten-free chicken nuggets, organic frozen peas, and rice; or gluten free frozen cod, broccoli and rice/or baked beans. Gluten free bread for grilled cheese (with dairy free cheese of course) with gluten free/dairy free boxed soup. They started carrying gluten free chicken noodle soup in cans at my Coop (not my fave, but it's pretty good as a once in a while necessity). My husband is also great at the pancake "breakfast for dinner" sort of night with turkey bacon and bananas. But if no hubby home? I would probably call a friend to go to the store for me and I would ask for help cooking. It depends on what illness one is suffering from too though. Sometimes getting out of bed can be a struggle, and this is bad; you need to call in the troops with this sort of illness and just focus on healing!

    Mommies don't get sick days. So rough! We don't own a TV, but we do have a computer and I'm not opposed to turning on educational cartoons for the kids (thank you Netflix) when in need of a nap (best way to heal when feeling ill).

    I wish you happiness and good health this Holiday Season. :-)


  3. I've got a gluten/dairy free lasagne that I always have at least one of on the freezer. Also I'm pretty lucky that in Australia McDonald's fries are gluten free... not that fries are an entire meal but if I really am sick and want some comfort food they're my best option.

  4. I agree with what Kate said about pre-made meals. Having frozen leftovers have saved me more than once. One of the things that real food/traditional cooking has taught me is that I always have to think ahead. It has helped me when I need a quick option as in times like these.

  5. Here is something I did when I was sick

    Also, I try to keep a few freezer meals like meatloaf cups around as well as some frozen veggies (organic corn, peas, etc) I can also freeze mash potato dishes and other fun sides.

    Also if I'm really sick, I'll grab cut up veggies from the regular store. They are not always organic but it's better than other options.

  6. I always cook at least one freezer meal on the weekend to have on hand, when I don't feel like cooking or if I get sick. If we don't use it that week it is still there when I need it. Also Crock Pot meals/soups are good if you are sick. They cook all day and just require a little work in the morning. Then you can go back to bed and rest. Following from the Blog Share. Would love a follow back.

  7. Thank you for sharing this post with the Gallery of Favorites. It really does raise an important issue!