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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Jedi Bison Babies (or, These Are The Burgers You're Looking For)

Jedi Bison Babies
These little cuties are less a recipe than a Jedi mind trick.  How often do you find yourself asking your children in frustration why they won't eat a dish today that they absolutely loved last week?  Daily?  That's when it's time to mix it up a little, and pull out the clever hand wave to convince those lovely children that they do indeed like bison burgers ("These are the droids you're looking for.")

We like to make simple burgers with Old Bay spice in them, and not much else, and eat them with GF burger rolls, but occasionally circumstances call for something a little more special (or galactic).  These Bison Babies are just our regular burgers made smaller (they're about the size of a flattened meatball) and topped with fun things like pickles, tomatoes, salami, bacon, etc.

I won't even print an official recipe here ... all you need to do is make your family's favorite burger in miniature, set out a platter of little toppings, and voila!  The kids will descend on your dinner table like vultures, clamoring to be the first one to take all the salami, or to see who can pile the most toppings on his burger without it falling over.  Suddenly burgers are fun again!  In addition to being fun, this dinner takes gluten completely out of the equation as well, without anyone complaining that they're tired of rice bread and weird buns.

Jedi Mind Tricks.  A mom's best friend.

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  1. Hi There Lisa,

    You are hilarious! I sent this post to my husband (due to the Jedi reference). And you are so right my friend. A little trickery (illusion) in the kitchen is necessary from time to time. I love this idea. So simple, so practical. :-)

    Thanks for sharing with us on AFW this week!


  2. Thanks Amber! With three boys in the house, we are well-versed in Star Wars terminology :)

  3. Hi Lisa, I'm here to let you know that at my blog today, I have picked you for an award! Please check it out, and please pass it on:

  4. Good morning! I'd love to know the measurements for your old bay burgers - I have some homemade old bay that I could try! Or do you just season to taste - (of course, you can't taste raw meat... :)).

  5. @ Adrienne -- I just use 1 Tbsp Old Bay to 1 lb ground beef. Doesn't sound like much, but my kids like it! :)

  6. I swear,kids love novelty. It's why I make donuts (which are essentially muffins), and name things 'Wowwy' waffles or Porridge like Goldilocks. The novelty peeks their interest enough to get them over some food humps. I'll have to pay attention to their show content and make food just like so and so..I am sure they'd be thrilled! Thanks for sharing with us at AFW Lisa!

  7. Cute idea. I need to try bison burgers as we always just have cow. I know my little jedi would love them!