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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sh*t Allergy Moms Say

"Don't mess with the Allergy Mom.  She'll cut a b*tch."

1) What's in it?

2) Can you make it without that?

3) No, not even a little bit.

4) Yes, I know people have been eating eggs/dairy/gluten for thousands of years.

5) It's ok, I'll bring my own.

6) I can't make it to that event, I'll be cooking.

7) Is there a natural foods store near here?

8) Can I speak to the chef?

9) It's a peanut-free table, not an amendment to the constitution.

10) I DID nurse him; it's not magic.

11) They're gastrointestinal symptoms, and that's all the detail you're going to get.

11) Have you tried the GAPS diet?

12) I'll make the class Valentine's Day snack.

13)  It's ok, I'll bring my own again.

14) Bob from Bob's Red Mill should have a national holiday in his honor.

15) It's pronounced Keen-wah.

16) 1 Tablespoon ground flaxseed with 3 Tablespoons water.

17) Yes, in fact he is happy without pb&j.

18) There is plenty of calcium in broccoli.

19) Thanks for the invitation to the birthday party, but....

20)  It's ok, I'm still bringing my own.

What do YOU find yourself saying all the time?  Please add your frequently-made-comments below (or your "favorite" frequently-heard-comments) :) 

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  1. My son has a dairy allergy:
    "Yes, they are in the same spot as milk in the grocery and they do come from a farm, but eggs are not considered dairy."
    "No, that's called an 'intolerance.' My son has an ALLERGY."
    "Vegetarian is not the same as vegan. It can still have milk in it."
    "Could I just please look at the ingredient list?"
    Thankfully, I also find myself saying this, too:
    "Thank you for making that special. You didn't have to, but we really, really appreciate it."

    1. @ Megan - Good ones! And I LOVE the last one... thanks for reminding us it's not all bad :)

  2. Me- does it have dairy in it? Them- no, just a little
    Agh!! :)

    1. Oops it cut off my post-
      Them- no, just a little cheese/butter.
      I can't tell you how many times this happens. My son is the one with the allergy but I got lots of practice asking while breast feeding. Usually I start listing all things that typically have dairy :p

  3. An allergy can't be that bad, get over it, what's the big deal?'s just a little bit....
    And I hate the people who get mad/defensive/feel threatened by rejection/take it personally when I say I have to move my seat because of their perfume/hair spray/Bounce fabric softener.

  4. The worst that my daughter has had to deal with is: there isn't anything wrong with her, it's all in her head. OR She's not sick, she just doesn't want to go to school. Before she was diagnosed, many doctors would drive her crazy by saying "I know you are having pain honey, but we can't find anything wrong". Great post!

  5. * He has a peanut allergy

    * No, he can't have peanut butter.

    Thinking but never saying, "Seriously? like peanuts become magically non-allergenic when they're blended?"

    1. I laughed when I read this! I can't tell you how many times I have heard this too!


  6. Hi Lisa,

    Have you seen the Sh*t Crunchy Mamas Say videos? I actually posted one tonight. Weird! She is hilarious! I found her a few weeks ago and I'm in love with this woman!

    When I saw your post I thought: brilliant. Yes, I say so many things over and over and over on behalf of my son and me.

    Here are a few:

    -Oh don't feel bad, I make a ton of sweets for him
    -Yes we eat pizza, you CAN make a gluten free pizza crust!
    -Hey babe, can you take him outside when they bring out the cake and give him the cupcake I packed.
    -Sorry but he can't have goldfish
    -I'm sure your cupcakes are super delish, but honestly, we're good.
    -Do you use peanut oil?
    -Are there peanuts in here?
    -No, just peanuts, tree nuts are fine.
    -I need to buy a new shower filter
    -Please stop itching, let's pull those socks up shall we.
    -I make my own homemade lotion, it's really easy!
    -No, he's never had "real" candy
    -Elimination diet
    -Have you seen that documentary about (x)
    -Check the goody bag before you give it to him
    -To my husband: How were those cupcakes?

  7. We can totally relate to each other, can;t we?! Even though he vast majority around us seems to think we have 10 heads....

    Could I see the ingredient list please?
    Honey, have you washed your hands and face (after eating peanuts)?
    Don't worry about it, i can make something to bring
    "I have NO IDEA what to cook for you guys," Me - well, i do have a blog with over 150 recipes.......
    I have Cheerios?! Me- those have wheat
    Isn't that just eczema? I use lots of cream Me = yes it's eczema that is an IMMUNE RESPONSE to something
    A little bit shouldn't hurt..
    We've done IgE and IgG testing.
    Oh, they'll grow out of it.
    Those are called chia seeds, and yes they are the same as the chia pet from the 80's
    Teff and millet. They are very nutritious grains you should try!
    Where should I buy this stuff?
    Is it expensive? Me - Yep, my grocery bill is ridiculous, but it's my kids health.
    Wow, your kids are lucky. Me - aww, shucks! You BET they are!

  8. Love it!! My youngest son has several things that bother him although no confirmed allergies yet (We're on GAPS right now) and I totally relate to this post!! Made me smile too :) Happy to follow you! :)

  9. Love this! I have a few to share too :)

    Yes, but are they gluten free oats?
    Do you know how to use an Epi-Pen?
    What kind of milk do you have? No, not skim/low fat - is it almond, hemp, rice, soy?
    It's ok, it's just easier if I buy the ingredients and make it myself.
    No, he can't even have a little bite.
    Taste this, tell me it's not better than regular cake - I'm the queen of gluten free baking!
    Taste this, it's disgusting - ugh, what did I do wrong?
    Actually, coconut oil is super healthy!


  10. Love this post. My son has multiple allergies (including peanut dairy and soya)and this really made me laugh.

    Parties are the worst (we just take a packed lunch) but it *is* touching when someone goes out of their ay to make him food or a party bag that he can actually have. One downside- now they all know they realse he can't eat birthday cake, which is a shame as I had got very adept at swiping it out of the party bag and into my handbag in one fluid movement...