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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What's for Dinner Tonight?


Roast Asparagus


I love to watch Food Network Star, but I can never pick a winner.  A few seasons ago, Melissa D'Arabian bested a talented field of chefs, and I wasn't convinced she was the right pick until I tried a few of her recipes.  Surprisingly, she creates lovely meals!  Her dishes are simple yet full of subtle flavors.

Tonight's dinner is one of hers - a Claypot Fish dish, that I made without a clay pot.  I baked my fish in a simple ceramic casserole dish and it worked very well.  I love the "south of France" combination of garlic, black olives and tomatoes, and I happened to have a quart of multi-colored grape tomatoes so my dinner even looked beautiful!  Try this one - you'll like it!

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