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Monday, September 23, 2013

Chicken with Bacon and Plums

This recipe came about because I found myself with a mostly empty refrigerator, and I didn't feel like going to the grocery store.  Ok, I confess.  I'm on vacation on Cape Cod, and I really didn't feel like cooking, period.  But, it was such a beautiful day to sit out at our table on the deck and enjoy the breeze, I knew I had to throw something together, otherwise we'd be eating spoons of Sunbutter and chocolate chips for dinner! 

At the local farmer's market this week, we found these neat mini plums.  I'd never seen them before, so we grabbed a pint to try, but the boys thought they were too soft so no one was really eating them.  Perfect for a sauce, I thought!  

I started by rendering some bacon -- the smell of which drew all the boys from miles around to see what I was cooking.  Not really, but I did get some children walking through the kitchen exclaiming about how good it smelled!

I set the cooked bacon aside and cooked some cut-up chicken breast and garlic cloves in the bacon grease.  Again, several males floated by the stove to check on the dinner!

I am cooking at our cottage, and making due with about half the number of pans I usually have.  Couldn't find a big frying pan, so I made this in a stock pot :)

After the chicken was browned, I set that aside and in the same pot, cooked down the plums, some chicken broth, a bit of white wine, and some coconut sugar and cinnamon.  When that reduced by half, I added back the chicken and bacon and cooked the whole thing five minutes more to warm everything through.  

The final product had no sauce to speak of, because most of it had been absorbed into the chicken and bacon.  The plums are essentially invisible, and surprisingly, the dish is savory, not sweet.  But the boys LOVED it.  The flavors are mild, yet interesting, and who doesn't like bacon?

Chicken with Bacon and Plums

1 pkg nitrite-free bacon
6 chicken breasts
6 cloves garlic, peeled
1 pint mini plums, pitted and halved
1 cup chicken broth
1 cup white wine
1Tbsp coconut sugar
1 Tbsp cinnamon

Chop and render bacon over medium heat (about 10 minutes).  Remove from pan, reserve grease.  Chop chicken into bite sized pieces.  Salt and pepper liberally.  Cook in bacon grease with garlic cloves until browned (about 10 minutes).  Remove from pan.  In same pan, cook plums with rest of ingredients over high heat until reduced by half (about 10 minutes - see a pattern here?).  Add back chicken and bacon and cook on low for 5 more minutes.  Serves 4.

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  1. Sweet and salty baby, yum!! Can't wait to try this! I am Featuring your recipe this week on AFW, thanks for sharing it with us!

  2. Necessity is the mother of invention, isn't it? I love how scrounging through an empty fridge can actually lead to some awesome creations. Thanks so much for sharing this on WNWNW, I've pinned it :)

  3. Wow, another delicious sounding recipe. I admire your ability to create without a recipe. Thanks for sharing at Healing With Food Friday